Palladas is the name of the prime material plane of the setting, on which all adventures take place, which is ruled over by The Dragon-Kings.


The Dragon Kingdoms

The Dragon Kingdoms are ruled over by The Dragon-Kings, who came from the plane of Yttros, though their origins are not common knowledge. The kingdoms are split into provinces, each ruled by one of the seven Dragon-Kings. The Progenitor officially rules over all of them, and lives in a splendid Palace/Temple in the centre of the Kingdoms, but chooses not to influence the actions of the Dragon-Kings.

The Democracy of Knights

The Democracy of Knights is a small state with ever-changing borders that is home to a group of knights named The Drakeslayer Order. They are one of the most vocal enemies of the Dragon Kingdoms, and are often targets of the Wyvernflight. They do officially claim land as part of their nation, but they have to be on the move so often that their are no major remaining cities, and they are very nomadic.


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